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Cilantro seed

Since we’re celebrating the 4th of July week, we can’t help but express gratitude for the freedom we share as gardeners. We grow our own food, we choose heirloom and open pollinated varieties so we have the freedom to save seed and grow again. We harvest and prepare our food for family and friends in celebration of that independence. Here is some inspiration for the week.

Cilantro seed is ready to harvest for growing out again or grinding into coriander.
Hendersons Bush Lima
Henderson’s Bush Limas date back to 1888.
Green-Sriped Cushaw squash
We got these Green-Striped Cushaw winter squash seeds from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The variety is a Native American staple.
Onion seeds
Green onions go to seed and shed these black beautiful seeds. We’re collecting them to plant again.
Brad's Atomic Grape tomato
Brad’s Atomic Grape Tomato is odd looking but a cool open-pollinated addition to the garden.
Golden Berry flowers gound cherry
Golden Berry is flowering. It’s an open-pollinated variety from Living Seed Company.
lemon blossoms
Meyer lemon sends out more flowers. Fruit trees are a perennial source of free food.
Santa Rosa Plum
Santa Rosa plum tree starts to ripen. They’re small, but delicious.
Home made basil pesto
Our first batches of basil pesto. One for the fridge, one for the freezer.

Happy 4th of July! Let us celebrate freedom together!

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