Podcast: Growing Grains, Legumes, Pulses With Larry Kandarian

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Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Larry Kandarian of Kandarian Organic Farms. He grows heritage grains, legumes and pulses in central coastal California. He shares his tips on regenerative agriculture and so much more.

Larry Kandarian of Kandarian Organic Farms has been farming for 50 years.

We caught up with Larry at the Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers Market, one of many locations where he can be found selling his colorful collection of legumes and heritage grains. He sat down to share his wisdom in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

We chat about interplanting (polycultures), regenerative practices, and soil health. He also takes us through the history of ancient grains. Listen and learn!

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Ayokote beans
Ayokote beans, a popular crop at Kandarian Farms.


Check out Kandarian Organic Farms on their website.

Follow Kandarian Farms on Instagram.

Find Kandarian Farms at a store or Farmers Market here.

Shop for ancient grains and heritage legumes in the Kandarian Shop, specifically the items he mentioned in the podcast – Peruviana Beans, Ayokote Negro, and Maroon Ayokote beans.

Read the book Larry recommended: Lentil Underground

Grow cover crops with Bell beans, Flax and Farro to feed and strengthen soils.

Warm-season legumes to try growing yourself: Adzuki, Blackeyed Peas, and Mung beans.

Make your own Low FODMAP no-bake granola bars with Larry’s chia seeds here.

Kandarian Farms seeds
Kandarian Farms also sells herbs and seeds like chia and flax.
Kandarian Farms1
At the Farmers Market you’ll even find recipe cards for Larry’s beans and grains available.

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