Cleaner Electric Energy?

When I drive up to see my mother in law, there is a new sight on the horizon. There are huge wind turbines going up in an area that those of us in the area know is a very windy space. This is probably the reason why that site was chosen for this type of endeavour. I remarked to my husband that it was almost as if we are going back in time when it comes to electric energy. It is finally clear that we need cleaner ways to produce at least some of the electric that we use each day in this country. You can make a difference in your choices as well.

I got a mailer from the supplier of my electric energy asking me where I would like to get my power from. I thought this was very interesting. I could choose what source (as in power plant, wind turbine, or even hydroelectric power) for at least half of my electrical use. I could go with green sources, or I could go by price. The neat thing was that the choices for electric energy that were environmentally friendly were also the ones that were cheaper, or were at the very least, on par in price with the traditional options.

This may be an option for your electric energy where you live, even if you don’t know it. If you have seen turbines going up in your area, this may be indeed an option that you have in the future if you don’t have it already. There may also be a renewed interest in finding sources of hydroelectric power in some areas where turbines are not practical. Some areas are working on solar power, and this is something you can use in your own home for your electrical power if you so choose.

If you aren’t sure what is going on with your local electric energy supplier, call them up and ask. You may have gotten the information in the mail, but then threw it away thinking it was an advertisement or something else you didn’t care to open. If you call them, they can tell you if you have choices, and when you can sign up for them. If they don’t yet have any alternative means for producing electric energy, you can then tell them that you hope they will be doing something like this in the future. Alternatively, contact your local electrician to discover if your home is ready.

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