Welcome to Decor Works – the home of great DIY and home improvement ideas.

My business partner, Doug, and I started this website along with our business over 20 years ago but, when the recession hit we were forced to cut everything back. You know the drill…staff, vehicles, premises..everything. It was tough. But we never gave in and Doug and I both knuckled down and toughed it out.

We had some great customers, and our families were outstandingly supportive – for which I will always be grateful.

We never managed to get the business back to the point where it could sustain both of us in full time employment but it was during the hardest times that we hit on another idea.

We had the skills, we had the experience and we had this website!

Maybe we could help others who were struggling to save some money and not sacrifice the quality of their home improvements by offering great, free, impartial advice on everything DIY!

A dream was born, it was time to run with it!

So, anyhow, here we are in 2017 – we hope you like this labor of love – for that’s what it is at present. We are putting our hearts and souls into this project and would love you to stay and watch (and help) us grow.

If you have anything you would like to contribute then please let us know. Or, if its easier, just like and share our content with your friends – every bit of help is greatly appreciated.

After all, a job shared is a job halved. So, lets get down to some DIY

Brian Willis & Doug Cranston